The Meal That Started It All: Ca l'Isidre

Pin It The night started off badly. We were caught in a downpour, with no umbrellas, when we got to our hotel room, I felt sick. Sick to my stomach, a bit shaky, a bit dizzy. I had no dry shoes left, so when my husband called to confirm our reservation at Ca l'Isidre, I was secretly hoping we weren't going to be able to get in. But we did. I was told to "pull it together, woman". So, I drank some overpriced club soda from the mini fridge, put on a pretty dress and flip flops, and headed out to dinner.

Ca l'Isidre is known to some as the best restaurant in Barcelona, and for me it was the best meal of our Spain trip. With fancy art work hung on their walls, by famous Spanish artists, the place was ultra-conservative and stuffy. All eyes were on us as we entered, after having struggled with the heavy door. So things started off a bit shaky. But luckily, we ended up with a great waiter, Pep, who took a liking to us, and we to him. After talking to him, we learned Pep had met Mark Bittman and had taken him to the market, and then back to their kitchen, so that Bittman can learn to make the restaurant's famous fish soup and steal it for his book.

Anyway, back to the food. The amazing food. We both started off with a lobster ravioli in a sea urchin sauce, served with a side of a basil sauce. The dish was so delicious and unique, and rich. And it was very pretty, as you can see above.

I then ordered the fillet with a reduced port sauce, with a side of caramelized onions, and an apple, with apple jam inside. It was sweet, and saucy, and rare. It was the best meat I have ever had. And I don't really like onions, but these tasted like apples, they were incredible.

The husband had baby goat with pearl onions, in a heavenly gravy. I ate some of his as well. But we both decided I was the winner with my dish.

We had a bottle of wine, and then port to go with our desserts. Yes, desserts. Because as you have probably guessed by now, there was no moderation in Spain. We pretended every meal was our last, and that euros were play money.

I had a rich and decadent chocolate souffle. My husband had the cheese plate. Are you getting the picture that he really likes cheese?

Then we also had a tray of desserts that were on the house. They were pretty and delicious.

Ca l'Isidre was the first restaurant that gave us a glimpse into the fine cuisine of Spain. And Pep, our server, was so nice and helpful, he wrote down recommendations of other restaraunts to visit based on where we would be traveling. Those too proved to be the most memorable meals of the trip.

So, are you travelling to Barcelona anytime soon? If so, definitely eat here. And make reservations before you leave. Also, pack a pair of heels, 'cause this place is too fancy for flip flops.


  1. why didn't you say something? we could have picked you up a goat during the wine trip.