One Night, Two Salads

Pin It As I mentioned earlier, I was in a mood for a real potato salad. So after dinner, I decided to do some cooking, so I wouldn't have to for the next few days.

First, I made a French-style potato salad with small red potatoes, lots of dill and basil, mustard, champagne vinegar and olive oil. I really like this salad because it's simple, looks classy, and keeps well. That's BAM! BAM! BAM! The potatoes just keep on absorbing the good flavors.

Then, since I had some crab and dill, I decided to make a quick and simple crab salad.

To the dill and crab, I add celery and pickles. Then coat with mayo and sour cream, but not too much. Add lots of salt and pepper and 15 minutes later you have a great salad.

For the next couple of days, all I have to do is grill some fish or steak, and dinner will be ready in minutes.

By the way, strangest thing about Spain? Russian Salad. It was everywhere, this Ensalada Russo. And Russians were everywhere too, especially in Barcelona and San Sebastian. Wherever we turned, there was a Russian wearing white pants, and fancy sun glasses. And everywhere we went, and I mean everywhere, the Ensalada Russo was on the menu. There were many variations, but I have to say, I can make a better one at home. And I will, soon, and then tell you all about it.

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