Potato Leek Soup: with food before and after

Pin It I've been meaning to make a potato leek soup all week, so yesterday I went shopping during lunch, bought too much stuff, invited a few friends over and got going right after work.

I first cooked up some bacon, and set it aside.
Leeks are such dirty things, so I had to wash them very well. Then I sauteed the leeks and some garlic in the bacon fat.
Then went in potatoes, a stalk of celery, a bay leaf and seasoning. Pretty simple. Two cans of chicken broth and you let it all cook for 20-30 minutes. After that came out my handy immersion blender. And for a final touch, you add heavy cream, and a bit of butter, and cook for 10 minutes longer

With the meal we had my husband's bread.
Prior to the soup, we had some Russian caviar, smoked salmon, Bulgarian feta, with some bread and butter. Like peasants, but not the very poor peasants.

And for dessert, one of our friends brought over desserts from Susina bakery - a brownie, a blondie and raspberry tarts. Yum.

It was a simple, and homey dinner. One made better with friends who bring over beer and dessert. Ahh, what are friends for?

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  1. Hmmm...think I'll try this, and make Pritesh bake bread.