Split Pea Goodness

Pin It I am stubborn, and even though it's insanely hot out, I'm pretending Fall has started and continuing to make soups. Now the weather report for this week is again not looking good, with temperatures in the 90s, but I have to make curry for my brother-in-law on Wednesday, so I think it's time for air conditioning again.

Today, I made enough split pea soup to last for a couple of days. I found peas in my pantry, and got going with chopping the vegetables. I looked up a few recipes, all looked so simple, and picked a Julia Child one.

Although I didn't follow the recipe exactly (good thing too, it called for way too much water), I did use the suggested ingredients, just in different quantities. In went onions, garlic, two ham hocks, celery, and a cheese cloth filled with herbs like parsley, thyme, and bay leaves. I didn't have all spice berries, but I added some ground all spice after pureeing.
The soup was surprisingly tasty for being so simple. But after shredding in some ham from the hocks, and topping off my bowl with toasted bread croutons (also know as lazy croutons), it was satisfying and delicious. I ate my soup, and sweated in my hot kitchen, while cursing this beautiful California weather. Where did last week's rain go?

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