Tapas & Pinchos, Pinchos & Tapas

Pin It In the Basque country, tapas are called pinchos, and they were the most delicious in San Sebastian. We went to a variety of places, grabbing little snacks of seafood and ham, roasted veggies and other special creations. Here's a quick overview and some photos.

Bar Grotti (above) was a small place, with two older guys behind the counter, working quickly. They had a large display of pinchos, and the atmosphere was pretty laid back and casual.

We then headed to a fancier place. Where we learned that there are some pinchos that need to be cooked, and you can't just grab and go. Above is a delicious crepe filled with shrimp and asparagus. The environment at this place was fast-paced and tense, which does not make me very hungry. But they had a great variety of neat-looking pinchos, probably the best we had seen.

Then, we also made it to a place deemed the best tapas bar in San Sebastian. One that competes in tapas competitions and wins a lot. This place was homey, pricey and had some very creative and pretty pinchos. All of the pictures below were taken there. The lady behind the counter was really friendly and poured us delicious wines to go with the food. Most of the pinchos we ate here also had to be ordered and cooked.
We finished off with a tasty pudding dessert place, although I'm not sure how half of the above qualified as pudding. It doesn't matter though, because they were all amazing. However, when we left the place, I felt a little like I had been robbed. Maybe it was because everything was so small, and you don't see the prices until the bill comes. Surprise! You ate 100 dollars worth of pinchos!

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