There's paella, and then there's rice with stuff

Pin It Oh Laredo. It was beautiful. It had a great bay, and we had a great hotel room overlooking it. At our great hotel, which was homey, and old-fashioned, they had a nice restaurant, where we had the best paella.

The first time we had paella was in Barcelona (below). We ate at this cafe on the beach, where Michael Jackson music played non-stop and loudly. When we got our paella, it was pretty, it photographed well, just like you'd expect. And it tasted decent, but, we knew right away this was not premium paella.

So, at Hotel Risco when the owner tried to get us to have paella, we tried to order the fish stew instead, but she was insistent. Good thing too.

I started off with a great tomato and tuna salad with a tasty balsamic vinaigrette. And the husband had a cheese plate with like 12 Cantabrian cheeses.

Then arrived this huge paella dish, which smelled incredible. And it didn't look all yellow, like it was made with Uncle Ben's rice. It was dark, oily and filled with local seafood. The best shrimp we probably had on the trip.

You're probably thinking did you really eat all that? Yes, yes we did. It took us a while. But we had a great view of the city, where below us there was a special celebration going on it town, so there was music, lots of rain, fireworks and even a power outage. We had a nice bottle of Rose, and eventually finished every last bit of the amazing paella, sucking all the juice out of the shrimp heads and all.


  1. Mmmmm you know that's one of the only times when I can eat shrimp. In paella. My parents (combined....apart, it's okay) make a mean paella. My grandparents recipe mixed around by my parents. Yuummmm. Which reminds me...I want some paella!!

  2. next meal i am cooking for you is going to be shrimp and polenta. you're going to love it.

  3. LOL! Well, I'm always open to try new things...corn and shrimp....?