Wine Tasting in Paso, We Like It

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For many years now, we've been going to Paso Robles for their Harvest Festival to celebrate my friend's birthday. And even though she moved away, that didn't stop us. She flew back for this great occasion, except on the wrong weekend. Although we didn't get to enjoy the Harvest Festival, we did get to enjoy wine tasting, and each other (ahhh).

Our usual trip consists of my husband, my friend and myself. This year there were more of us, and a mini van. This year we also got to try a lot of new wineries and we broke up with old favorite. But that's life.

The highlight of the trip was Cass, recommended to us by our local wine and cheese store. Cass had beautiful gardens, some big boob mannequin in the men's room, which the boys enjoyed, pretty wine pourers, really tasty wines, AND the most important, they let you do the tasting while sitting down outside. We didn't really realize how important this was, until experiencing it.

I hope as our friend ages, like a fine wine, she will continue to fly back here for an annual wine trip. Because we realized that our other friends can't hang after two wineries, and just want to nap on lawns.


  1. Is it wrong that I don't really like wine? I mean, I guess one could argue that I haven't tried "good wine", but then again it's pretty subjective.....especially taste. I've tried about 6 different wines, and they do nothing for me. I do enjoy downing them during dinner, since it makes my insides all warm, but that's about as much as it does for me....

  2. there's so much wrong with your comment, i don't even know where to start.
    1)you don't down wine. that's your first mistake.
    2) if you think "good wine" is subjective. you have not had it.
    3) what the hell do you want wine to do for you? clean your house and pay your rent?
    4) i am tired of schooling you!

  3. 1.) Ugh, I have to down it so I won't have to taste it!
    2.) Meh, isn't taste subjective...periord? Interesting....well, I did admit I probably haven't had good wine. But then again, I'd need to know the difference...
    3.) I want wine to take me on a trip...a trip to a place where I can fly and feel warm and free....
    4.) Pfft! No schooling necessary, I'm open to change! lol