Angel Hair Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes and Herbs

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I had to work on Saturday. And it was awful. Not so much the work, but waking up at 6 am. I don't do that during the week, so to do it on my weekend really made me sad.

When I got home, after1 pm, much later than I expected, a lovely lunch was waiting for me on table. My husband prepared angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes and herbs from our garden - basil, parsley and oregano. He also had roasted garlic in there, which made it even better.

I don't have a recipe here, but you can probably figure out what to do from the ingredients above. Toss with olive oil and enjoy warm or cold.


  1. Wow, that Mr. Kadyan husband of yours sounds dreamy. I wonder if he looks as good as the midday lunches he's prepares. . .

  2. Work on Saturday??!! That's horrid...that's ridiculous...that's...that's.....I had to work on Saturday too. lol I had to help set up for the Monte Carlo night...meh