Halloween: Wine, followed by Chaya

Pin It I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween activities. But this Halloween, our friend was in town, and she made me wear a cowboy hat before we began our night of drinking and eating. As you can see, my husband really got into the spirit of things with his Lincoln outfit and our friend was an Indian. Together we were the "History of America."Although nothing can quiet beat our group costume of "Angel, Devil and Jesus" from 2005.

We started the night at Heritage Wine Co in Pasadena, where our friend slaves away at making drunks like us cheese plates, and delicious bruschetta.

After a couple of glasses, we headed to Chaya in Downtown. Another recommendation on Gold's 99 list, this place serves Japanese food, with a French influence. We picked this place because it was close, and after a weekend of chili and Mexican food, we were ready for lighter fare.

We had sushi and rolls, and then more food.
Seaweed Salad
Pork Tenderloin
Maine Lobster and Shrimp Ravioli
Fallen Chocolate Cake

The sushi was really good. Everything was good, but the sushi was the best. It's a fancy place, and a bit pricey, but they did have a three-course pre-fix menu for $25 that wasn't bad, it just didn't include sushi.

So in summary, our Halloween was spent like any other Saturday, eating and drinking. No one even took notice of our costumes in the fancy restaurant, unlike 2005, when I drove through the Wienerschnitzel drive-thru and got crazy looks from the cashier. As if Jesus can't be hungry for a polish dog.

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  1. We've known each other too long. I need friends that don't remember when I was young and skinnier. PS. best Halloween sushi ever.