Oysters, and lots of them

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After the San Francisco conference, the husband and I drove to Point Reyes, for three peaceful days filled with eating oysters, going to sleep early, reading, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. It was a lot like heaven, but with lots of cows.
During our two and a half day trip, we ate something close to 5 dozen oysters. Now, I have to say, 8 months ago, I did not like these fleshy little monsters. But, I was encouraged to keep trying, and I did have a delicious oyster at Anisette in Santa Monica and really liked it. So, I quickly became an oyster snob, deciding to eat only oysters I deemed to be fresh and worthy.

And there's nothing fresher than seeing oysters at an oyster farm. The Point Reyes area has six, but three open to the public, and we went to all three. Starting off at Hog Island Oyster Co., where we had a dozen sweetwaters; we then headed to Tomales Bay Oysters, picking up beers on the way, and sampled their goods.

The last day, we stopped off at Drakes Oysters, and had two dozen more before our flight home. And I'm now completely won over by these delicious creatures. But my favorite part was learning to shuck them. And by the end, I was pretty good at it.
(RIP our oyster shucker. We had to buy an oyster shucker at Drakes, since they didn't lend one out. We had two dozen oysters waiting for us, so we had no choice but to dish out $12 for a shucker. I decided it would be worth trying to sneak it back with us in our luggage, except we weren't checking in any bags. As you can imagine, airport security came to the rescue, and our shucker was confiscated. We had a small chance of it getting through, as I stood there explaining to one confused secuirty officer what the object he was holding before him was. "It's for oysters, it's not very sharp," I said. But before I could say more, a lady security guard comes by with her eyes big and excitedly says,"I just saw an episode on CSI where someone was stabbed with one of those on a plane." And that, was the end of our shucker.)

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