R & G Lounge for Dinner

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The R & G Lounge located in San Francisco's Chinatown was packed on a Tuesday night. We had made reservations just that afternoon, and good thing too. After a brief wait, we were seated in one of the restaurant's dining rooms. The highlight of the evening was the most delicious fried salt and pepper crab, R & G's specialty. When it arrived, we were in awe, as it smelled as good as it looked. It took us a while, but we finished it off, licking our fingers the whole time.

The entertaining portion of the night did not involve food at all, but an obnoxious family of three, seated a table away. The parents, along with their seventeen-ish daughter, dressed up like a Kardashian, texting all through dinner, took about six minutes to order. Now, six minutes is a very long time to place an order for three people. Very long. Especially when the order ends up being egg rolls, chow mein, and some sort of rice. It was painful to witness. Why come to a fancy Chinese restraurant and order items off the Panda Express menu?

The best part was when the daughter removed a tube of hand sanitizer from her purse, placed it on the table and proceeded to sanitize after every course, all the while texting.

Getting back to food though, my husband tried the braised shark fin soup, another house specialty. At $12 a cup, this was a pricey soup, but he was curious to taste it. The curiousity did not last long, as the soup tasted bland. There just wasn't much to it.

I however, went for the predictable hot and sour soup, and was not at all disappointed. It has a nice kick, and lots of flavor. My soup won that round.

We also had an order of pineapple friend rice with shrimp. It had some nice flavors, but it was hard for this dish to follow the crab.

The crab had this amazing batter, and was so succulent and tender. Skip the eggrolls and indulge yourself. And don't forget to bring your sanitizer; who knows what kind of weirdos might be sitting next to you.


  1. Hi-this is Greg's co-worker Alice (library), let him know that next time he needs to put red vinegar and X.O. (when available) in the shark fin soup...it's good that way!

  2. He did, and it did add some flavor, but apparently not enough.