Ramen Craving Satisfied

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I had intentions of cooking on Friday, but as I drove home, listening to an NPR story about ramen, those intentions were quickly replaced with a desire for a hot steaming bowl of noodles.

A friend joined us for a quick trip to Little Tokyo, where we had a nice, satisfying meal at Koraku. This time making sure we had cash, we started with pickled napa cabbage, and gyoza. The gyoza was super tasty, with lots of green onion.

I had been craving something spicy, and ended up with a large bowl of Kim Chi Soup (top photo). It had strips of pork, green onions, ramen, and kim chi. Although I tried to act tough and finish my soup, in the end I gave up, and passed it over to my husband in defeat. It was just too much for one person.

My husband had a delicious Japanese beef curry, which smelled perfect, and tasted pretty good.

And our friend had a bowl of steaming soup as well. His came with pork, mushrooms, ramen and lots of vegetables like bean spouts and cabbage. It was much more subtle in flavor than mine, but tasted fresh, and light.

Next time, I definitely want to try one of their curries. Although as we sat waiting for our food, watching dishes come out of the small kitchen, there was not a single one that passed our table that did not look delicious.

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