Station House Cafe Breakfast/Lunch

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We arrived at Point Reyes hungry, and with 30 minutes before our cheese tour (that's right!) at Cowgirl Creamery. But we were determined to sit down for a meal, and decided on the Station House Cafe down the street from the creamery.

The husband had to have oysters, so he ordered the Hangtown Fry, with oysters fried with bacon and eggs. I was ready for lunch, so I settled on the pulled pork sandwich with yummy cole slaw. The slaw had everything crunchy under the sun - celery, radish, apples and jicama.

With a tasty meal in our stomachs, we walked to the creamery for a tour, which was more like a "sit and chat" since they have a pretty small production space. But we got to sample some delicious Cowgirl cheeses, and in the end that's all that mattered.


  1. Hi-Alice again...just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and all the wonderful pictures! Thanks so much!