Thanksgiving: Turkey and All

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I have to first say, my picture taking abilities disappear when I have guests. I always forget, or just manage to take the blurriest photos imaginable. And Thanksgiving was no different.

I did my prep work the night before. I made a delicious curried carrot soup (with no photos as evidence), prepped all the vegetables for the stuffing and corn casserole, washed and trimmed by green beans, cooked a lot of bacon ( oh yes, bacon was used in two dishes), and readied my kitchen for the next day's activities.

Thursday was the difficult day, mostly for my husband, who spent a good part of the day with a turkey in his arms. First we washed, dried and stuffed the 20 pound monster. Then, every hour there was the basting and constant rotating in the oven. Although the turkey is long gone, leftovers disappearing fast, my husband's back pain lingers, as does the stink of icy hot on my hands.

There was a lot of food, and most of my recipes are not written down, or memorized, so I'm going to skip writing out rough versions, if anyone is interested in anything in particular, you can let me know, but here's what we had, besides the 20 pound bird:

Grilled Green Beans

Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Garlic

Corn Casserole (with bacon). A few folks were disappointed this was not mac and cheese.

Stuffing, with bacon, sausage, artichoke bottoms and celery. We made some in the turkey as well, but after tasting both, my husband and I decided never to stuff a turkey again.
It's just not as good, or worth all the trouble.

Carrots and Yams, roasted with the turkey.

There was also homemade bread and gravy, my husband's doing, and homemade cranberry sauce from a neighbor, and Costco pies from the brother-in-law.

From the sleepy expressions on my guests' faces, and their protruding tummies, my husband and I declared Thanksgiving a success!

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  1. Ooo! That looks amazing. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! =)