Vietnamese Lunch at the Slanted Door

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Last week, I got to visit San Francisco for a conference. I love this conference, not only because it is in SF, but I actually enjoy this awesome application called Salesforce.com. No one is paying me to say nice things about this product, although they should, but this very generous organization gives their product to nonprofits for free. And free is good.

My husband always tags along to this conference, and spends his days eating, drinking and stumbling around town. We don't see each other often, but this time we got to share two meals on our first day there. Our first, was a lunch at the Slanted Door Vietnamese Restaurant. It is located in the Ferry Building, with great views of the bay.

We started off with some drinks, and I had a delicious rum and ginger drink called the Shanghai Buck.

We then had the Imperial Spring Rolls with shrimp, which were very tasty, and the beef carpaccio, which we had some debate over. My husband was picking up a soapy taste from the beef, and I was not. So, I ate most of it. Win for me! It was served with rice crackers.

We also had the shrimp and pork wonton soup, and crispy noodles with seafood and veggies. All good. I would give this place a solid B. It was tasty, and the location was great, but nothing was exceptional, except for these crunchy pork bites in the soup. Now those will be remembered.

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