The Begining of Salads, Sigh. . .

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The other night, as I was taking a photo of our dinner, the salad above, my husband says, "You're going to blog about salads?" Yes. Yes, I am. Because after Christmas, I have vowed to eat salad at least three times a week in order to get rid of some of this chunk.

One of my favorite salads is the one above. Simple, and almost filling. I use two or three types of lettuce, marinated artichokes, beets (canned or over roasted if you have the time), and giant butter beans. The best part is instead of using the bad for you store dressing or making a quick one myself, when using marinated artichokes, I use the olive oil they came in as my dressing. It's full of flavor and easy. You can add some mustard to it to spice it up as well.

So, I hope you're all ready for lots of quick, easy salads. I'm not.

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