Madrid, no I did not forget about you

Pin It Well, maybe I forgot a little. But I got all busy, and didn't finish all the posts I had planned on Spain. So here's one on Madrid; after Toledo, my least favorite city in Spain. But just so you understand, it was like thousands of times better than Toledo.

We went to two great restaurants there that were recommended to us by Pep -- El Paraguas and El Drago.

El Paraguas was in a fancy district, with lots of fancy shops. They had an impressive wine list, with very pricey wines, but that was the only intimidating part. Our waiter was friendly, and made recommendations.

I had the most delicious salad with fresh mozzarella and strawberries.

My husband had the most expensive appetizer we had on this trip, tuna tartare with caviar.
It was good, but I'm not sure it was $50 good.

I then had amazing beef medallions with a sweet mustard sauce.

And the husband had this crazy layered meat, cheese and asparagus pocket that was then fried.

And of course we ended with a cheese plate.

El Drago was a residential neighborhood, and took us a while to find. It was homey and packed, and no one seemed to speak any English. The owner at some point even got a dictionary out when trying to describe a dish. It was amusing and we all laughed about it. Here we started with a pork and paprika sausage, and then moved on to leeks in a vinaigrette.

Baked crab for the husband.

A delicious piece of fish for me, cooked with lots of garlic and olive oil.

And cheesecake as well as chocolate mousse, with port.

By this time, we were almost used to eating at 10 pm and having TUMS on hand after dinner. And then we had to leave.

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  1. LOL! I want to know what kind of crazy dreams you had with all that food sitting in your jetlagged tummy that late at night, I'll bet you had some doozies! =)