Point Reyes Adventures Continued with Tony's Seafood

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Tony's Seafood is about an 8 mile drive from Point Reyes Station, in Tomales Bay. It's a small restaurant that sits over the water, with pretty views of the bay and the restraurant's boats.

As we looked at the menu, we quickly noticed the "cash only" signs everywhere. Oops, we had like $5. So, when the nice waitress approached our table, we apologized, and told her we would come back tomorrow, since ATM machines were back in town, a 20 minute drive one way.

The waitress told us to hold on a minute, disappeared and came back to take our order, saying, "Just mail us a check when you get home." We were in a bit of a shock. We placed our order and promised to come back the next day since we were still going to be in town. When she left our table, my husband whispered to me, "Old-timey credit! I love it!"

We started off with a shrimp cocktail. Fresh and delicious, but not pictured here. I then had the scallops and shrimp combo (above) in a buttery garlic sauce. I could have done without the frozen french fries, but my salad and seafood were tasty.

My husband had the day's special, cracked crab. It came with no sides, just a big plate of fresh crab, cracked in all the right places, served with two sauces.
For dessert we had a slice of the best apple pie with ice cream and whipped cream. The crust was buttery and perfect.
The next day, as promised, we went back to pay our bill and stayed for a quick lunch. We tried their two kinds of clam chowder - Boston style, and vegetable. I did not like the vegetable, too tomato soupy for me. But the cream version was great, not heavy, just right.
We also got an order of their bbq oysters. These were good, but I definitely prefer the raw ones.
To finish off our quick lunch, we decided on a slice of pecan pie. Not as good as the apple filling, but still pretty good, with incredible crust.
With good food, and trustworthy owners, this place won our hearts as well as our stomachs.

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