Vegetable and Turkey Sausage Soup

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If you're thinking, hey, this soup looks familiar! Just like that other vegetable soup. Well, you are right. But I like vegetable soups, and although it shares a few common ingredients, it has some other nice additions, particularly the black eyed peas. I love beans in soup and this one has kidney beans as well as the black eyed peas.

I also used leeks, more zucchini (two types) and a spicy turkey sausage in this one. I really liked the flavor from the sausage. Our local Henry's Market makes their sausages in-house, and the few I've tasted so far have been delicious.

So basically, you can follow the same recipe as before and add the veggies you like, adjusting the stock/water and seasoning. The soup is hearty and very filling. I can't wait to have more tomorrow and say something clever like, "this soup is old, it's from last year!"

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