Yang Chow Take Out

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My friend calls Yang Chow not real Chinese food. I guess it's because not enough Chinese eat there or something. There are two locations that I've been to, Chinatown and Pasadena. I like this place, especially since the Pasadena location is on my way home. And celebrities go there. I've never seen any there, but their pictures hang on the walls of the place. Last time I was there waiting to pick up my food, I noticed Ron Howard was even on the wall.

This place has a delcious dish called Slippery Shrimp. Yum. But it's not a take-out dish; the sauce and shrimpt don't travel well. So last week, I had some hot and sour soup, and tried their Shanghai-style noodles with pork and spinach. I really like the texture of these noodles, a new favorite.

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