Breakfast for One

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This 80 degree Southern California weather has really got me feeling depressed. I need seasons. I need at least two seasons. So despite the hot weather, on Sunday, I made myself some "winter dream" tea and a delicious breakfast to help me deal with the previous night's beverage consumption.
This was my first time making eggs unsupervised. And they turned out perfect. I still can not eat egg whites, and end up butchering my eggs by cutting the whites off, leaving only little yolks on my plate. Delicious, bad-for-you yolks. Yum.

I also had a potato around, as well as a bell pepper, so I made potatoes with bell peppers. Creativity at its best. Potatoes in the morning really make me happy. And by morning I mean 10 am. Because nothing makes me happy if I am up before 10 am.

Morning Potatoes
Serves 2 (or one really hungry person)
1 large potato (I used red), microwaved for 4 minutes and diced
1 bell pepper, diced
olive oil
salt and pepper

1) Heat pan, add oil and diced potato. Cook for 4-5 minutes and add bell pepper. Season, and cook, turning potatoes and pepper until brown and tender. The total time is close to 15 minutes.

(You can also add an onion if you're into that sort of thing. Sometimes I am, but not on Sunday.)


  1. Pre-egg eating KK: "Can I substitute the egg in this breakfast combo for more potatoes?"
    Slow waitress: "So you want extra potatoes?"
    PEEKK: "Instead of the eggs. Yes."
    SW: "But the combo comes with eggs."
    PEEKK: "I know. Can I substitute the eggs for more potatoes?"
    SW: "But you won't get any eggs if you do that."
    PEEKK: [looks at SW with hate in her large bird eyes] "I know."

    In the end it all worked out and PEEKK got more potatoes and not eggs. Still, I'm glad she likes at least half the egg now.

  2. i've had that conversation so many times. but the one i recall best went like this (you were there as well)
    SW: No you can't substitute.
    PEEKK: (sigh) Okay. Can I get the eggs on a separate plate? I don't really eat eggs.
    SW: Of course.

    SW brings eggs on top of potatoes.