Lunch Leftovers Make for a Nice Dinner: 101 Noodle Express

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I've been meaning to go to 101 Noodle Express since I found out it was less than a mile from my new office. But I've been so good, bringing my own salads and soups for lunch. Snacking on fruits and nuts like a squirrel. But on Wednesday, there was a power outage at work, during lunch hours, and it lasted two hours. This gave me the perfect excuse to head out for lunch.

The waitresses pretty much ignored us after quickly getting food on our table. But the spicy beef noodle soup and pork fried dumplings were very good. And there was plenty of food for me to take home, which I reheated and enjoyed while watching Big Love. I got away with sharing only a couple of dumplings with the husband, since he's in a weight-loss competition at work and is determined to win the $200 pot. Good for him. More dumplings for me.

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