MoonCat Udon (and sushi)

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This weekend involved very little time at home. And a lot of delicious food.

Friday night started with udon and sushi at MoonCat. This place is two blocks from our house, and is probably one of the best restaurants in Monrovia. It has an interesting menu with delicious Japanese dishes I haven't seen at other restaurants, including spicy tuna shishito. These tiny peppers are stuffed with spicy tuna and dipped in tempera batter and then fried. Yum. One of my favorites.

But Friday was all about udon, and sushi. But I didn't take sushi pictures, so it's now all about the udon.

The husband ordered the sansai udon. With lots of veggies.

Our friend got the tempura soba soup (above) and I had the delicous tempura udon (top).

Although this place is tiny, the food is always fresh and tasty. And  it's become our walk-to place in town.

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