Ojai? Why Not?

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Saturday involved a lot of driving, and eventually a lot of drinking (but once we were a lot closer to home.)

We wanted to see where Pacific Coast Highway would take us. And it took us to Ojai.

We first grabbed a quick breakfast at Euro Pane Bakery in Pasadena. Sharing a vegetable quiche and pear tart. Both delicous. Although the quiche had mushrooms and I had to eat around them.

We then drove north. Heading to Ventura, then spotting a sign to Ojai, and deciding to check it out.

We've driven past that sign numerous times before, on they way to our many wine trips to Paso Robles. But this time the sign called to us. And we were not disapointed. Ojai is a cute town. Definitely worth spending a day in. We stopped by toy store, a beauty shop, book store (where I picked up a pasta cookbook) and ate a late lunch at Suzanne's.

Everyone kept telling us we had to try Suzanne's. We didn't argue. We went.

I had a super tasty crab salad.

The husband ordered a fancy grilled chicken sandwich.

The place was classy and old-timey. Kind of like Ojai itself.

After Ojai, the real adventures began. We drove back to home, and stopped at the Stuffed Sandwich, hoping to say hello to my father-in-law and his friends, who were planning on hanging out there. Although the father-in-law did not show, his friends did. And we had a grand time drinking lots and lots beer with them. A couple of hours passed, and then a couple of more. And we were drunk.

On the way home, we stopped at Village Seafood in Temple City, and had late-night Chinese food. Nothing like Chinese food before going to sleep. It gives you good dreams.


  1. Suzanne's sandwich bread (which i did not bake, obviously) cut me good on my lip. It still hurts.

  2. I should have been on that trip. That looks like a me trip.