Pho at Golden Deli, with Ice Cream Afterwards

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Sunday was very stormy in Los Angeles. It actually poured pretty good. And this made me want soup. The husband has never had pho before, so I thought it was finally time to take him.

I had heard of the Golden Deli many times, but somehow we've always talked about going there, and never made it. Well, there was a long line when we got there. And the delicious smell inside the restaurant made the long line even longer. So we waited outside. After about 30 minutes or so, we finally got a table. Before we could sit down, we were quickly asked if we were ready to order. Now I've been rushed before. Many times, particularly in Asian restaurants, but this was just funny. Another minute passed, we were asked again.

We quickly scanned the 16 page menu, at this point a little afraid of getting kicked out for being too slow, and made haste decisions.  Luckily, my haste decision was delicious. I ordered the raw beef pho (above), and was all smiles as I slurped it up.

The husband and our friend both got the egg noddle soup with shrimp, crab and pork. Although theirs looked pretty, my soup was way better.

We also ordered some fried egg rolls, which were greasy, warm and perfect. And some lighter spring rolls with shrimp and pork. Also delicious, but in that cold, healthy sort of way.

Overall, I liked the place, but next time I go, I plan to study the menu online, and place my order as I'm being walked to my table, to impress the servers.

After soup, it was time for some cold ice cream at Fosselman's. I mean we were only a mile away. And ice cream in the rain is fun.

I had a tasty combo of dark chocolate and dulce de leche in a nice, calorie-free plastic cup. But unlike the others, I had trash in the end. Although one of my friend's always says, "Better let it go to waste than your waist," in the end, I did did feel guilty for poluting the world and not eating my ice cream vessel instead. Next time, no polution.

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