Welcome 2010: It's time to reorganize

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After doing nothing productive all weekend, today, I decided it was time to start reorganizing, and finding a home for the many new, large gifts we got for Christmas.

I first started with cleaning out the hall closet. It's kind of been the junk closet, a refuge for things we don't know what to do with, as well as my purses, coats, jackets, and the vacuum. I decided it was time to move the purses out, my workout clothes in, and throw out the junk.

We also have these two plastic storage containers we keep hidden in closets, storing items like camera cords, sewing stuff, and fabric. Tomorrow, I plan to reorganize these containers and make them a little more search friendly.

I also need to find space for the above: ice cream maker, my lovely new medium dutch oven, and my marble mortar and pestal. So far, I've used my dutch oven almost every day just so I don't have to put it away, but I can't do that for much longer.

So the only resolution that I've made for this upcoming year is to find a place for all my stuff, keep things organized and handy (I don't use things I can't reach, and I'm pretty short), and continue my bi-annual re-evaluation of stuff (I usually give away stuff I haven't used in 6 months).

Sure it's not the most exciting resolution, or even the most ambitious. But I have a feeling it's just what I need. Because if I had resolved to live every day like it was my last, or some cliche thing like that, I'd never get around to cleaning, cooking, and enjoying mundane tasks like organizing my new, pretty coupon book.

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