What I Have Learned... about you

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Google Analytics. It scares me a bit. There's a lot going on there. There's goals and benchmarks and other weird things I don't understand about converting random visitors into stalkers. All which I ignore.

What I do understand, really entertains me. So here's what I have learned about you, my dear blog visitor.

Most of my blog visitors come from:
1. US
2. UK
3. Canada
4. A tie between these 3: Malaysia, India, Brazil

In the US, most of my visitors come from:
1. California
2. New Hampshire
3. Texas

What operating system do these people use?
Most popular: Windows
Least popular: Android (I have no idea what this is, maybe that one visitor can tell me)

What browsers are used?
Most popular: Internet Explorer
Least popular: Opera Mini

What is the most popular screen resolution of my visitors?
I was really curious about this one. I know you are too.

And now my favorite, keywords used to find my blog. These are by no means the most popular, but did make me chuckle or question the content of my blog.

"my eyesight" + school
brother in law fantasies
fantasies about my brother inlaw
food like ikea

and my all-time favorite
housewife will remember that day for a long time


  1. hahahah. that was just for you. i got another one like that yesterday.

  2. brother in law fantasies? what!? and food like ikea..huh!?