The Golden State: Burger for Lunch

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The other day, I had to drive out to the west side, and my friend, who works in the area suggested we have lunch. I was up for it. He asked, what do you want to eat? My reply, anything is fine, but I'm not feeling burgers. So where does he take me? The Golden State. It's what you get there, their burger.

I got the burger. With their delicious fancy cheddar, bacon, arrugula and other stuff. It was good. And I was glad my friend took me there, but I didn't say so. I did get a side of their fries with my burger and my friend went for the cole slaw, and he was not thrilled with it. So what I did say was, I told you so. And then I let him eat some of my fries, because I'm watching my weight. And that was the only reason.

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