Joshua Tree Weekend: Nice Scenery, Mediocre Food

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Oh Joshua Tree. I really like the place. And by place I mean the actual Joshua Tree National Park. Because there's really nothing going on in the town of Joshua Tree.

Last year when we went, we rented a really neat bungalow, with a little kitchen, and cooked all our meals. This year we stayed at a hippie retreat center, with no kitchen, so we had to eat out. And let me tell you, the options for desert dining are limited.

First, we had a very mediocre dinner at the 29 Palms Inn. We were so unimpressed, we decided to skip dessert and headed to Rite Aid for ice cream. The second evening we ate a fairly decent, but spicy Thai dinner. But the highlight was really our breakfasts at The Country Kitchen. The first day there, breakfast was delivered to me in bed by the husband, who is crazy enough to wake up early, run several miles in the desert and then go out and bring back breakfast.

I had lots of bacon, blueberry pancakes and some potatoes. The next day, we decided to stop there on the way out of town.
I loved the blueberry pancakes so much, I got them again, with an egg, sausage and bacon. The husband ordered corned beef and hash. I'm not sure what that beef was made out of, but it was pretty gross. With plenty of food between us, we just pushed it aside and ignored it.

On our way home, the husband also decided we were going to visit the town of Julian. Why? I'm not sure. Apparently his family went there when he was about 7, he doesn't recall getting out of the car, and obviously had some unresolved issues with the place. So we went. Driving way out of our way, through the horrid Salton Sea area, and some other unimpressive Southern California landscapes.
I had never explored that part of California, and driving through made me realize why. There's not much going on there. We knew we were going to be disappointed with the town of Julian, but we didn't realize it was going to depress us. It was like Disneyland or rather Solvang, but with less class and less to do.

We arrived hungry, and stopped at Buffalo Bills for some buffalo burgers. They were decent.
We ate quickly, got a slice of apple pie (they are know for their apple pies there) and got the hell out. Fast.


  1. So that's a Joshua Tree? It's not much of a tree =/