The Balcony Garden

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If you're thinking, why is there a stuffed armadillo in your garden? I was just about to tell you. Some years ago, before our friend officially moved to the great state of Texas, she would visit almost on a monthly basis. If your next question is why would anyone visit Texas that much? I have no answer for you. I've been once, almost a year ago, and I'm not exactly dying to go back. Anyway, so on one of her many trips, she decided to buy me a souvenir - an armadillo handbag. That's right, that hideous thing used to have handles that we cut off. And there's a zipper hiding a compartment where you could store your wallet, lipstick and pepper spray. That is, if there's something wrong with you. 

I could barely look its way. We had no clue what to do with our souvenir, but we don't keep gifts we don't use. So it was use it or lose it. We decided if this "gift" scared us, maybe it would also scare our garden bugs. So that's where it's been ever since. The scarecrow of our balcony garden, frightening pests and unsuspecting guests alike.

This past weekend, we dedicated a day to cleaning the balcony, and planting for Spring. Here's what we have going:
- 3 types of basil (cinnamon, sweet, purple)
- 3 types of thyme (English, creeping, lemon)
- sage
- rosemary
- lemongrass
- parsley
- chives
- dill
- oregano
- lettuce mix
- lavender
- chamomile
- mint
- jasmine
- and a couple of succulents
pretty chamomile
all the herbs
dill, going to seed
... and we used worm poop from the husband's work, he's in charge of composting (there's a good story about this, but I'll save it for another post), free natural fertilizer

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