Chorizo, Crumbly Style

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I've been kind of avoiding sausage making. From witnessing the process once, the casing part really didn't appeal to me. I thought I could get away with letting the husband and his buddies play around with this. But, sometimes friends aren't enough. Sometimes, there's a need for a controlling, bossy wife to help. The husband says, once in a while, his fear of messing up "my kitchen" takes him to another level, a higher level, and his work (whether beer, bread or sausages) is better for it. I'm glad he's realized that. Finally.

The last time, the husband made sausages with a friend, the friend ended up oversalting, considerably. So this past Sunday, my precise and cautious eye was needed as we prepared to make chorizo.
Above is the ingredient list. We used hot Spanish paprika instead of sweet Hungarian and added less caynne pepper, but that was the extent of our alterations.
Once the spices were ground and combined, the place smelled of chorizo, before the meat was even in sight. And the smells quickly won me over.
Sausage making is really a two-person job, especially when using the hand grinder, and attempting to take pictures. There's quiet a bit of muscle needed.
I really tried to minimize my part in helping with the casings. I only stepped in when absolutely needed. But they were intersting to photograph. I even ended up doing the second round of grinding, and getting a work out using the crank, in order to avoid casing.
Before we cased, we did make a trial patty and fried it up to make sure the spices were right. We ended up adding a little more salt, but otherwise we were very pleased with the flavors. My sausage-making hesitations melted away as I tasted the delicious, freshly made chorizo, and my husband announced this was his best batch, and I was his favorite sausage partner. Ah. And I hadn't even been trying to be the best.

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  1. I'm glad sausage making is good-marriage juju for you two. I'm also disgusted by Greg's new long, guitar nails. More so than the casing. Which looks disgusting. But that chorizo looks awesome. Well done.