Cookbooks from the Library Store

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Monrovia got a new library last year. It's basically across the street from us. It's polished, well designed, and pretty. Except for the hideous little mermaid fountain in the front, I like everything about it. And with the new library there's a room dedicated to the Friends of the Monrovia Library, where you can buy used books. I love this little room. There's usually two to three shelves dedicated to cookbooks. But this past weekend, they had some sort of mega sale, and brought out carts of books, and there was a nice selection of funky old cookbooks. Above is a sampling of what I bought. And after reading through The Korean Kitchen, I got so hungry that I made the husband take me out for Korean food.
On a previous visit to the library store, I also found this crazy little Hollywood Bowl Cookbook. It's from 1984, and has contributions from Nancy Reagan and former California Governor George Deukmejian, as well as a lot of the orchestra members. It's kind of funny. But you can tell it was taken very seriously, because the Hollywood Bowl Cookbook Committee worked on it for three years "tasting, testing, typing and editing". Typing, ha!

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