Game Hen and Chard: Little Effort, Big Taste

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I love me some little chickens. And for two people a Cornish game hen is the perfect size. Roast whole, cut down the middle, and eat up!
I seasoned the bird simply with olive oil, salt and pepper, and stuffed the cavity with rosemary and lemon.
The chard was simply cooked as well, with garlic, pepper flakes and finished off with lemon juice. Quick. Tasty. Colorful. Some people discard the stalks. But that's my favorite part. I just cook those first for about 5 minutes, then add the leaves, cover and steam.
The little hen came out perfectly. Although I usually roast it with beer or wine, and lots of butter, I was surprised at how flavorful and moist it tasted without any of that. Althought I was thinking it, I didn't have to say so myself, the husband quickly pointed out, this was the tastiest little hen I had ever made.

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  1. I'm pretty certain what you're doing to that game hen in photo 2 is illegal in some states.