Japanese Fast Food at Home

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Here's the thing: I'm really tired if I work out after work. I'm actually pretty tired after lunch. And when five o'clock comes around, I'm cranky, and achy. So, if I manage to get the the gym, I am not upbeat and full of energy afterwards. I am not even proud of myself. I am miserable and just want to lounge with my glass of whiskey. But, I usually go home, make dinner, and then bring out the whiskey.

Yesterday, I didn't go to the gym, so I'm not sure what all that bitching in the first paragraph is all about. But I was feeling achy, and I needed some comfort food. My comfort food is Japanese food. I love me some miso soup.
I had a few packets of decent miso soup mix at home. And to that I added tofu and scallions. I usually add seaweed too, but the husband bought some weird type and I didn't like the looks of it for this purpose.
Then add some boiling water. Mix. And you have comfort food. It made me feel better. In fact, I felt great and regreted not going to the gym. But I didn't dwell on it.
On the side I had a cucumber and sprout salad we made earlier in the week. This stuff only gets better the longer in sits. And it was pretty good. We dress the vegetables with sesame oil, rice vinegar, sugar, and soy sauce. I've got no real recipe, it's kind of all to taste. Oh, and there's toasted sesame seeds in there as well. Toasted sesame seeds crunch so good in your mouth. Yum.

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