Saturday Adventures: German Deli Followed by Seafood

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Saturday was a busy day. First we made a trip to Schreiner's Fine Sausages in Montrose to buy sausage casings. They are one of the few local places that sell them. We met a friend there, and enjoyed a delicious lunch. They were barbequing outside, and for $6 you could get a sausage plate, or a beef sandwich and sausage plate. Their sandwiches, and sausages were delicious.

They had a nice variety of sandwich meats, sausages, imported mustards, and other goodies. And apparently, if you kill a deer, you can also take it in for "custom processing".
With our bellies full, we headed to Glendale's Fish King for our dinner.

Now we love having people over for dinner. But sometimes it's nice to not have people over, and relax on the patio, not talk too much, drink wine and enjoy our balcony garden. We did just that for about an hour, and then watched three hours of The Wire. You could only enjoy each other's company so long before you want to see drug deals, and hear lots of cursing. And that show delivers on both.
At the fish market we bought oysters for appetizers. Yum.
We also bought Monchong fish, it's Hawaiian, and jumbo shrimp. We've never had Monchong before, and we really liked it. The husband threw together an Asian-style marinade with soy sauce, wasabi, sesame oil, rice vinegar, pepper flakes and sesame seeds. It was delicious. The fish was subtle in taste, but nice and meaty.
I prepared the shrimp simply, with butter, white wine, lemon, lots of garlic, a few pepper flakes, and parsley. They were very juicy and fresh. The husband declared from now on he only wanted to eat fresh jumbo shrimp. I told him, homie go get a raise first.
On the side we had a salad with cucumbers and garbanzo beans over butter lettuce. I made a quick Asian vinaigrette similar to the marinade. I used grapeseed oil, tamari soy sauce, sugar, salt, pepper and sesame seeds. And it was good.
A quick, no hassle meal. Perfect for enjoying outside, and only using a couple of dishes and pans, the kitchen was a cinch to clean afterwards.

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