Sausage Fest Encore

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Does it seem like just last week that I blogged about sausages? Well, it was. And when I received a call on Sunday from the husband to join the family for a late lunch, consisting of sausages, potatoes and cabbage slaw, I wasn't super excited and asked, "Didn't we just eat all of this?" "Yes, but I want to share my sausages," the husband replied. So, I got dressed and headed to the in-laws.

I thought since I was invited to lunch, I'd get there, watch some cable, drink some beers, and wait for my food. Well, things didn't really go that way. As soon as I walked in, I was put to work. The husband didn't know how to do this, or that, and when he did, he stated, "You do it better." And I couldn't really argue with that. Although I spotted it as a trick right away.
I started with grilling some vegetables, for an Armenian-style vegetable salad. You can really use any combination of vegetables you like, but the traditional version consists of eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes, and my parents also always added some type of spicy pepper.
Once the vegetables are done, they are peeled, chopped roughly, and mixed together. These are dressed to each individual's taste with salt, pepper, parsley, olive oil and onion.
We also had boiled potatoes and cabbage slaw. This time I added mustard to my oil before drizzling the potatoes.
The brats were first boiled in beer, and then thrown on the grill. We made two different kinds, homemade and store-bought. The homemade brats were much tastier due to the various spices. While the store-bought just tasted of meat and not much else.

There was also home-brewed pilsner that was aquired from a friend. It came in a pail.  

Despite having eaten this exactly meal, minus the vegetables, one week earlier, I was not disappointed. How could one be, when you have a bucket full of beer to drink from?

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