Sausage Goes to the Oscars

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On Sunday, our friend came over and the husband and our friend made some bratwursts. For his birthday the husband had asked for a meat grinder -- an old-fashioned, hand crank of a monster. And he got. And he's been making some pretty decent sausages. This was his second attempt. He even bought casings. They looked very professional.
I decided to make some cabbage slaw to go with the sausages. Boil some baby potatoes, topped with olive oil and parsley. And, open a package of smoked Russian herring.
The slaw is pretty simple. So simple a recipe is not really needed. Here it goes. Pay attention. I used green and red cabbage (more green, less red). Then I dressed it with olive oil, white wine vinegar, 5 or so garlic cloves, salt, pepper and lemon juice. A pretty basic dressing. Make sure to add lots of dill.
The potatoes were even simpler. Boil. Peel, or not. Dress with Olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley.
For dessert, I cut up some strawberries earlier that morning, and sprinkled them with sugar. When we were good and full from the meal, I topped some left over chocolate cake with the strawberries in their syrup, and we had a fancy-looking dessert, while watching all the fancy movie stars at the Oscars. I made sure to cut myself an extra large slice of cake, as I watched the skinnies on stage.

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  1. can i come over for dinner? my gosh the whole meal looks and sounds delicious!