Spring Kitchen Cleanin'

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When I got married, and moved out, I inherited a bunch of stuff. A dowry. No goats, or chickens (to which the husband was disappointed), but dishes, bedding, towels, tablecloths, and a lot more. It's an Armenian thing, and my parents have been collecting stuff for me for ages. Some of the stuff was made by my grandmother, so it has sentimental value, and is actually pretty cool. Other stuff was practical, and good to have. And then there's the china set. Imported from Germany back in the 1980s, brought to the USA when my family migrated in 1990, it then sat in my parents garage for another 13 years. Waiting. For me.

This set is no doubt high quality, I mean it's made by Germans. But it's 12 settings, with about a hundred extra pieces. Sugar and cream bowls, tea and coffee pots, salt and pepper shakers, butter dishes, and other pieces for which I have not found a purpose. There's a lot going on. And the style is not really our style. So, we've used about 15% over the past 5 years. This past week, I packed most of it up, and stored it away. For our daughter's dowry.
What also got me in the mood to clean was the fact that one of our friends moved away, and gave me some of her kitchen stuff. It's sad when friends move away, but it's less sad when they give you fancy bamboo drawer organizers. Below are some before and afters.

With the dowry packed up, I was able to de-clutter and make room for items we use more regularly. Now I can also reach everything. And when I can't, I have my tall friends over for dinner.

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  1. I love it looks great. You are so organized. I love the China, too bad I'm not your daughter! :O)