Being on the Market = Lots of Green

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By green, of course I am referring to plants, and flowers. So we are officially on the market. The beautiful condo we transformed five years ago is now even more beautiful, because nothing is out of place, and the husband is not allowed to make himself at home until we sell. You might think, that's harsh. But the various friends who have experienced the tornado effect the husband has on any given room he walks in to will side with me on this one. It's immediate, and although the damage is not permanent, it is destructive and most of all annoying.

No one should undress in the doorway and throw ties and belts onto the dining room table. Especially my nice mid-century dining table, that took a year and a half to find. Towels should not hang on random door knobs, and shoes do not belong under the kitchen nook. These are all things I had given up on. That is, until we were on the market. Now, it's not me who is demanding the clean house, it's prospective buyers. And, so far it's working. We've only been listed a week, and the poor husband is thinking of renting a motel room. But me? I feel right at home in this perfectly in place house. If I would have known this is what selling means, I would have done it earlier.

Another thing that's great is I get to have flowers, and plants, everywhere. I normally would have several plants and a vase of flowers around anyway, but the open houses, and random drop-ins, provide a reason for more. Because who doesn't like flowers in the house?
Also for my birthday, my co-workers got me two beautiful, enormous orchid plants. And now walking into our place is like walking through the arboretum. So if you're looking to buy a nice looking condo/arboretum, we've got both!


  1. Are you going to include my art in the asking price for the condo? Also, maybe you should put the Mad Men night light away. People might think that comes with the joint, too.

  2. sorry, your art has not generated much interest. PP's glass painted trees though, they are everyone's favorite. maybe you should have gotten a biology degree to help with the art.

    p.s. the night light is on the exluded items list.