Breakfast, Short-Sweet Style

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When I eat breakfast, I tend to do it alone. Because I kind of don't get up early enough to eat with the husband, who's up at 7 am on weekends, which I can not comprehend. And when I do get up at a decent weekend hour, about 10, he makes me feel all guilty for sleeping in, and wants to get outside and "do stuff". So in order to avoid the big, scary outside, I tend to go straight to cleaning, or prepping for dinner and guests. And I therefore I forget to eat until 1 or 2 pm comes around.

But. When the husband is out, "doing things outside" before I'm up, everything changes. I wake up relaxed, without his judging eyes starring me down when I emerge from the bedroom. I put some water to boil, and pick out any type of tea I want, forgoing his fancy loose leafs, that he drinks exclusively, and instead selecting something completely unauthentic, like raspberry zinger. I then sit down to read a magazine and think over what I want for breakfast. I either like to take a long time, and make a decent, savory meal, or the complete opposite, short and sweet.

This past weekend, it was all about short and sweet. I found a local market that carries frozen paratha, and Indian flat-bread. Five-piece package, 99 cents. You can't beat that. And it's very good. Not good for you, but so deliciously greasy, that it clouds your head and makes it impossible to count calories.

I warmed the wheat paratha on the stove top, it take like 2 minutes, and paired it with apricot jam. Oh, it was good. Then, I took my time eating, reading cookbooks, and not being outside.


  1. hey is that an orla kiely cup? cute pear print! oh, jam...great now i crave some!

  2. it sure is. target my friend.