Easter Overview: The Lamb-Off

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When you think of Easter, what comes to mind? Competition? Bragging rights? Lamb? Lots, and lots of lamb? Probably not. But at the in-laws house, Easter was all about the Lamb-Off.

With 70 lamb chops sacrificed for this holy day, the two rivals, the husband and his uncle, prepared to put their pride on the line. They also prepared their lamb chops. The only rule of the game - no marinading for over two hours. Pretty simple. And the lamb? Simply delicious.

There were challenges according to the husband, who didn't have access to the herbs he needed at his parents house (sounds like an excuse). But, in the end, in my opinion, he was the winner. His uncle's chops were prettier, definitely more photogenic, but lacking in flavor. And even though no one else wanted to come out and declare a winner on this holy holiday, I had no problem speaking the truth. Jesus would have done it.
There were also cheeses.
And a salad with cheese, and beets. Dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette.
Oh, and there was more lamb. Yes, I mentioned the 70 chops. But. There were also two lamb roasts.
Although the desserts were pretty and numerous, there were. . . not that good. I think I will leave it at that.
At least the youngest guest at the gathering found the true meaning of Easter. Or was she just afraid of all the baby lamb eaters?


  1. Haha I'm expecting a check in the mail for using my daughter's image. As much as I loved your husband, Cliff won that day.

  2. sorry, she signed a release.
    and you're entitled to your own opinion. although it's obvious that you would like your father's chops more. not everyone has the skills to make unbiased decisions.

  3. can i invite myself next time? my goodness my eyes are making my stomach growl! excellent food adventures my lady:)