The Germans Are Coming! And they've brought Indian bread.

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Last Sunday was dedicated to Germany. I made a potato leek soup (Julia Child's recipe, which I've covered already). And we also cooked up our homemade bratwurts.
This soup is so simple to make, and this time I altered the recipe a little by adding a couple of garlic cloves and using chicken stock instead of water. It was hearty and filling, perfect for the cooler turn in the weather.

Along with our soup and brats we had naan, which I happened to buy frozen from Trader Joe's that day, forgetting to pick up regular bread. The naan went really well with the soup. That was my first time buying frozen naan, and I was seriously surprised at how good it was. Way to go Trader Joe's, your frozen Indian fare is okay with me.
We had my father-in-law and the husband's uncle over, and even though my father-in-law is in no way computer proficient and has never visited my blog on his own, ever since he's found out about it, he's been trying to get into it -- posing with food, telling me a meal is blog-worthy, and just generally bugging me. I refused to take any pictures of him, but hopefully this mention will be enough for him to leave me alone.

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