Hearty Pasta, With Meat and Vegetables (with a LITTLE salad on the side)

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I was going to start of this entry with a nice sentence like: Every Monday when I get home, dinner is waiting for me. But then I thought, hey, there was no dinner waiting for me today!

Although the husband has Mondays off, and he's pretty good at creating some sort of interesting, often experimental meal on these nights, I don't want to generalize here and give him too much credit now. There's plenty of Mondays where I come home and dinner ideas are still in his head, and he needs my hands, or he's looking panicked and the first words out of his mouth are "This is not going to be good".

But then there are those Mondays, like last week, where I can smell the deliciousness a few doors down, there's usually XTC playing in the background, and although he still needs my help, I only get tasked with simple things like chopping the salad veggies and making the dressing.
When I walked through the door last Monday, our friend and the husband were cooking together. Apparently, they had been cooking the pasta sauce for hours. I didn't ask why, because they just looked so pleased with themselves. The husband used our recently made chorizo in the sauce, as well as the Italian sausage he had made previously, and his friend over salted. This was an ideal way to use some of that up.

I wasn't around for their hours of cooking, but in their sauce they also had onions (cut a little too big for my taste), bell peppers, grilled eggplant (which I really liked), chunky tomatoes, and olives. It was a nice, hearty sauce, and the chorizo really made the difference.

What I noticed right away when I got to the kitchen was that the husband had washed only four leaves of lettuce for our three salads. I gave him the "are you kidding?" look. I knew that our friend LOVED salad. So I asked him to wash some more, and I got to chopping the rest of the vegetables. But "some more" to him meant like two more, so we still ended up with these tiny salads, and I could see our friend pouting. Oh well, I had tried.
We sat outside on our recently cleaned balcony, enjoying the almost warm evening, made warm due to a nice bottle of red wine. I figured if we didn't get enough greens, we definitely got enough grapes.

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