Saturday Balcony Adventures

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This past Saturday, the weather was beautiful. Sunny, breezy, bright. After having to work in the morning, I got home, starving, and decided to spend the day on the balcony, eating.
I poured myself some wine, warmed up pita, got out feta and olives, and parked myself under the shady umbrella. It was great. While I was boozing it up, and enjoying the birds singing, the husband and our friend were busy inside making me early birthday apple dumplings.
I didn't realize than an apple dumpling was an whole apple, wrapped in dough, sugared, and baked. They looked like monsters. But they were tasty. My favorite part was the dough. The buttery dough. I could have eated it without the apple.

After my dumpling, I had more wine, and was unable to move for a good hour. Then it started getting dark, and I headed indoors to continue napping there. It was a great Saturday.

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