Seafood Birthday

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My father is hard to please. That's the nicest way of putting it. For his birthday this year, I decided to spend the day with him. The plan was to take him to sushi. Then we would go out and buy dinner, bring it home and cook it. Have the family come over. Simple, quiet. The way he likes things.

I picked him up before lunch, and we a nice sushi meal near our place. His comment? I think I can make better sushi at home.

We then headed to King Fish in Glendale to see about dinner. The husband and I really like this place, and although it can be pricey, the fish has always been fresh. As soon as my dad walked in, he turns and says, "This is it? This is the place you've been talking about?" At that point I gave up.

We selected our dinner: large shrimp for grilling, two types of clams for a pasta, and my dad picked a couple of Scottish salmon steaks.
Once home, I marinated the shrimp with olive oil, garlic, pepper flakes, sea salt and pepper. I soaked the clams in cold, salt water so they'd start cleaning themselves.

My dad got to trimming the fat from the salmon steaks for a quick ceviche - onion, parsley, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Just in time, the husband got home, and we had the ceviche as an appetizer. When the husband asked my dad about lunch, he quickly stated, it wasn't as good as his ceviche. Oh, the modesty.

When the husband asked him whether he had seen my blog, my dad said yes, he paused and added with his thick accent, "It is okay. Not professional."  I turned to my dad and said, "Of course it's not professional! I'm not a professional!" His response? A look. It simply said, "And whose fault was that?"

The husband turned to me, and gave me a look of his own, then said, "That's why you're so nuts." It's true. I could come to rule the world, and my father's response would be, "Anyone can rule this world."
Dinner was great. Along with the seafood, I sauteed asparagus in butter and olive oil. I'm not sure if my dad liked it, I didn't want to risk asking, but the husband and I enjoyed it, along with almost two bottles of wine between the two of us. We can't wait for next year. I think we'll need to start drinking earlier.


  1. looks great and the photos are beautiful.
    i'm a fan!
    is there another way to make ceviche that you know about. i have alot of fresh trout from a fishing trip.

  2. after attending two ceviche parties, thanks to my brother-in-law, I have discovered I like my white fish ceviche pretty traditional - red onions, lemon juice, herbs, and cucumbers. maybe some avocado on the side.