Sometimes We Don't Eat Meat: Tofu & Vegetables

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Last time I made this meal, I thought I would eat it regularly. But then life got in the way. Life that's full of meat. I've been pretty good on cutting down on meat consumption before dinner, but at dinner, meat and booze have no limits. Due to these rules, the Mark Bittman diet has worked pretty well for me the last several months.

And we have been having more and more days that are meat free. They tend to be a little less delicious, but light and satisfying. The soy bean sprouts used in this stir-fry really make you feel all healthy, with their earthy flavor. And although stir-frying the vegetables is a quick process, frying up the tofu takes a while. Be patient, it's worth the wait. I love the texture of crispy, golden tofu.

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