Fancy Bean Series: Chili Beans with Radish and Cheese

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It feels like it's been weeks since I popped open a can of beans and made a meal. At least a blog-worthy meal. So, last week, I looked in the fridge and discovered I didn't have much, lots of different cheeses, but not much else. Oh, and radishes. I had lots of radishes. I sliced these up thinly. I selected the manchego cheese, and cut that up as well.

I went to my pantry, pulled out a can of chili beans, which I heated and spiced up with paprika, cumin and lots of oregano. I added some tomatillo sauce as well. Then from our humble balcony garden, I trimmed some gigantic green onions, and sliced those as well.

I have to say, these beans were pretty delicious. I really liked the crunchiness of the radish, and the hard manchego which melted slowly and not completely. Oh beans, we make a good, lazy team.

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