Steak and Potatoes, from the freezer

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I am making great strides in emptying the freezer, especially all the Omaha Steaks stuff. I have placed an order with them twice, and now, those folks are stalking me. For a while they called weekly. Now I get bi-weekly mailings, and have officially blocked them from my gmail. But sometimes their deals are too good to pass up. I feel like I'd be losing money if I didn't order. And, they end up sending you all these weird free stuff, like potato balls. Delicious potato balls.

Last week, I fried up the last of the steaks, and baked the remaining potato balls. Although the portions were small, the meal still felt unhealthy, so I roasted broccoli and green beans in the oven to ballance things out.

I also made a super quick sauce for the meat. Using the same pan, I added a teaspoon or so of dijon mustard, a bit of red wine, salt and pepper, and in a few minutes had myself a decent sauce. Not great, but not bad at all!

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