Chorizo with Potatoes and Peppers

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We have a lot of chorizo. It's not because we recently made some. Most of that was handed out to friends and family. No, this chorizo was acquired by the husband from his "authentic sources" so that we can compare our homemade stuff to it -- learn the secrets. I don't think the husband realized how much of this black market chorizo he was actually buying. So when he came home last week with a large bag of it, we were both surprised.

What do you do with a lot of chorizo? You start adding it to everything. Like my classic and simple potatoes and vegetables dish. The husband turned to me with an evil look and said, "You should add chorizo." I did. And it was meaty and delicious.
I first cooked the chorizo and set it aside. To the same pan I added the onions and let them caramelize, then I added the potatoes, salt and pepper, and browned those for a good ten minutes. To the potatoes I added water, covered the pan, and let the potatoes cook through for about 20 or so minutes. In the end I added the green bell pepper, and let everything cook for another 10 minutes, letting the liquid evaporate.

This definitely is not a fast dish, but it's hearty. And there's nothing like potatoes to make you feel great after a long day at work. They're magic.

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