Cold Yogurt Soup with Cucumbers and Radish

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There's only a few things I remember clearly about Armenia. My aunt's apartment building and my uncle's summer soup with cucumbers and radishes. We visited my aunt and uncle almost every summer, until I was about eight. For some reason I don't really recall eating this refreshing yogurt dish back home. I really really liked it, so it seems cruel to me now that my parents and especially my grandma, did not make this for me. But, there's no use getting angry now. There's family dinners for that.

The other day, I started to make tzatziki, but was suddenly flooded with a memory of this soup. I was a very picky eater as a kid. They had to have my neighbor lady feed me, because I liked her so much, and had a hard time saying no to her. So my aunt and uncle were very relieved to learn that I liked this easy to make yogurt soup. This made my visits with them much more pleasant.

I recall this being much more watery, but I wanted substance this time, so I didn't add as much water as this needed. You can always play around with the proportions here to get the consistency you want.
Cold Yogurt Soup with Cucumbers and Radishes
Serves 2 for lunch, or 4 for a snack

1 large cucumber, seeded and chopped into small cubes
2-3 radishes, chopped into small cubes
1-2 garlic cloves, minced
handful of mint, chopped fine
salt and pepper

Combine radishes, cucumbers, garlic and mint. Add yogurt and water until you get the consistency you want. Season, and chill.

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